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R & D Consulting

  • Health :
    Medical Imaging systems Computed Tomography
    Molecular Imaging,
    Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
    Classification and Clustering
    Biological Data,
    Signal and Image processing
  • Energy :
    Data Science, Large Scale
    Non Destructive Testing,
    Eddy current, Ultrasound, Gamma rays,
    Electromagnetic Imaging,
    Electric network modeling

R & D Project realization

  • Health :
    Medical Image Processing, Computed Tomography, Biological signal & Image processing
    Data mining, Data fusion
  • Energy :
    Data fusion,
    Large Scale Non Destructive Testing,
    State of the art Imaging,
    Electric network modeling

On site Training

  • Large Scale Machin Learning
  • Large Scale Computed Tomography
  • Bayesian methods for Inverse Problems
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for industrial applications
  • Dynamical systems governing equations discoveries
  • Signal processing applications via inverse problems methods
  • Medical imaging: from basics to state of art methods
  • Biological Data, Signal and Image processing
  • Data fusion: Multiple time series change detection
  • Super Resolution

(Under construction)

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