Main Services

Consulting, R & D Realization, Training


Health :

Medical Imaging systems,

Computed Tomography,

Molecular Imaging,

Big Data, IoT, Data IA
Energy :

Artificial Intelligence for Big Data,

Industrial Non Destructive Testing,

Eddy current, Ultrasound, Gamma rays, Electromagnetic Imaging,

Electric network modeling

R & D Project Realization

Big Data:
Analyzing, Processing, Mining, Knowledge extraction, Value adding
Information Technology:
Exploring, Predicting, Quantifying uncertailties, Knowledge and value adding
Signal and Image processing:
Super resolution, Unmixing, RGB Color, Multi and Hyper Spectral Image processing
Medical imaging:
X rays, MRI, PET, SPECT, Echography,
Digital and Electronic Microscopy,
Electromagnetic, Optical diffusion
Industrial Non Destructive Testing:
Eddy currect, Ultrasound, Gamma rays, Electromagnetics
Mass spectrometry:
Molecular imaging
Mineralogy: XRF, SWIR, Raman


Proposed Training Workshops

  • Large Scale Machine Learning
    Handling Missing Data
    Large Scale Computed Tomography
    Bayesian methods for Large Scale Inverse Problems
    Inverse problems: from deterministic to probabilistic methods
    Computed Tomography: from Analytical to Algebraic and Probabilistic methods
    Inverse scattering and diffraction imaging
    Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for industrial applications
    PCA, ICA and beyound for Big Data
    Cocktail party and Blind Sources Separation
    Sparsity enforcing methods and applications
    Approximate Bayesian Computation
    Variational Bayesian Approximation methods for inverse problems
    Dynamical systems governing equations discoveries
    Signal processing applications via inverse problems methods
    Medical imaging: from basics to state of art methods
    Biological Data, Signal and Image processing
    Detection of outliers in Large scale data
    Array of sensors and sources localization
    Data fusion: Multiple time series change detection
    Super Resolution
    Periodic components detection and Estimation
    Mixture models for classification

Human Resource

Needing for replacing a R & D manager ?

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